LED Emergency Backup Light Bulb

  • $16.99

Our Premium LED Emergency Backup Light Bulb is the perfect solution for emergency power outage situations. It's equipped with a fully rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 hours. It recharges while in regular use – screwed into your light fixture. It can also be used as a free standing flashlight by pressing in the screw base. Available in 3 different wattages; 5 watts, 9 watts and 12 watts.

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Product Overview

PORTABLE – Simply unscrew the bulb and have light wherever you need
ENERGY SAVING – Save 90% on your electricity bill compared to traditional bulbs with superior LED technology
LONG LIFE SPAN – Premium design and rivalled build quality gives these LED bulbs an incredibly long life span of 50,000+ hours
UNIVERSAL VOLTAGE - AC 85-265 V rating makes it compatible in all countries
EASY TO INSTALL – Universal E27 Edison Screw Base makes this emergency bulb easy to install
SAFE – Excellent heat dissipation and zero UV or infrared radiation makes these emergency LED bulbs exceptionally safe to use
ECO-FRIENDLY – No harmful substances or materials are used in the manufacturing of these emergency bulbs, making them environmentally friendly