LED Plant Grow Light Bulb

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Grow plants indoors with our LED Plant Grow Light. Designed specifically with red and blue lights to promote healthy growth better than any other plant type light. Equipped with ultraviolet and infrared lights to simulate light from the sun. Made from 6063 aerospace aluminum. Voltage range of AC85-265V and E27 screw base makes this light universal for any country. Available in 40W (800-1200LM, 40 LED’s) and 120W (4000-5000LM, 120 LED’s)

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Product Overview

HIGH WATTAGE- Project specific, choose between 40 watts and 120 watts
ALUMINUM BODY - Made from 6063 Aerospace aluminum
OPTOMISED LIGHT SPECTRUM - Red, blue, infrared, ultraviolet and white lights
UNIVERSAL VOLTAGE - AC 85-265 V rating makes it usable in all countries
EASY TO INSTALL – Universal E27 Edison Screw Base makes this grow bulb easy to install
ECO-FRIENDLY – No harmful substances or materials used in the manufacturing of our grow bulbs, making them environmentally friendly

Product Specifications

Voltage: AC85-265V 50~60HZ

Material: Alunimium(Best quality)

Beam Angle: 60-120 degree

Light Spectrum:

Red: 630nm~660nm

Blue: 430nm~460nm

IR: 730nm

UV: 380nm

White: 6500K


Full Spectrum:

120W=78Red+24Blue+6White+6IR+6UV   (Total 120pcs)

40W= 22Red+12Blue+2White+2UV+2IR  (Total 40pcs)                    

Lumens: 40W:800-1200LM   120W:4000-5000LM

LED Color: Red + Blue + White +Warm white+ UV + IR





Working Temperature: -40~85 degree

Lifespan: >50000hours

For: Hydroponics Vegetables and Flowering/Plants/fruits/Vegetables etc.


Net Weight:

40W 60g

120W 310g